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It's OK Lyrics
All these lonely girls wanna f*ck...It's OK
That's alright girl, that's ok
That's alright girl, that's ok
Keep callin me and beggin me and blowin me up...It's OK
That's alright girl, that's ok
That's alright girl, that's ok

My game, slicker than slow tongue
Get yo' main hoe sprung
Chokin' on my blowgun
She swallowed all my bubble gum
Said it was so yum yum
All off in her tum tum
Playboy you think dumb dumb
Now what? Uh huh
Last night, I was in them guts
Uh huh
A young playa cut yo' what?
Uh huh
She was tryin' to get a nut
Uh huh
And we gon' meet back at the hut
Uh huh
Come on


A-town, late nights
I'm off in 112, posted up as usual downstairs
With a couple of clydesdales
Sippin zippindale
Got a sack of good, take a whiff, inhale
Blaze up, hate to ball and bail
Got some late cut, she sure now how to shake her tail
The way I hit it, make her wanna break up
And leave her man, make up
And cheat again, caked her
Lay low, Comfort Inn, tucked her in
Next week she said she'll bring a friend
Come on


Said I love my man, man man man
We got our ups and downs and I'll get lonely and, and and and
Wanna move move to someone who might understand, stand stand stand
How to make a girl feel like Alice in Wonderland...wonderland...wanderin'
Wonderin'...if she can home with guilt on her mind
Really all she truly wants to know is that she still fine
After they do better, better tell her, 'fo another fella
Better, get, sit sit, shit shit, spit spit, hit hit

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