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Phil Pritchett Lyrics

Antarctica Usa Lyrics
When i was two i moved to texas
Sad to leave the united states
But now i'm sayin' let's just see
'cause i don't wanna wait
I'm takin' my texas flag
Down to the south pole
Gonna make me a capitol
And an alamo outta snow
No we ain't got purple mountains
But we got a lotta snow
I got a neighbor who's a polar bear
Goes by the name of joe
Joe and i make barbeque
And sit out in the sun
I'll take joe back to texas
When our war is won

Look away, look away
Antarctica u.s.a.
Look away, look away
Antarctica u.s.a.

Well we ain't got but one season
Throughout the entire year
So in a way it's just like home
With that igloo full of beer
The yellow rose come on down
Only you can make it right
For my armadillo you can care
And keep it warm tonight


Attention all americans
We don't need you anymore
We texans got our own constitution
And we got our own mount rushmore
On these texas hills
Three faces will shine true
Earl cambell, nolan ryan
And willie nelson too


Antarctica u.s.a.




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