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Ball 4 Dem Lyrics
I just gota letta from boosie
Boosie, what's up nigga
Just got off the phone with my home boy that call me
That put 15 mo... niggas on the phone
And all them niggas told me the same thing
What they say bruh?
Them nigga say bruh
What they say bruh?
All I want to do is ball 4 us my nigga
Just ball for us my nigga
And I think bout one of my dead homies
Think about my niggas in the projects, I said it f*ck it my nigga

For all my niggas doing time I'm a ball 4 dem
And all my fallen soldiers know what I'm a ball 4 dem
And everybody who ain't got it I'm a ball 4 dem
And all my niggas in the projects I'm a ball 4 dem
Oh I'm a ball 4 dem, oh I'm a ball 4 dem
For all my niggas doing time I'm a ball 4 em
And all my ballers soldiers know what I'm a ball 4 em
And everybody who ain't got it I'm a ball 4 em

Just orderd twenty bottles them for my dead partners
Feelings good about my self that's up my nigga jus gava couple dollas
Ma f*ck them red bottles coulda put this on that cantin orda
That's why I ball hard and just smoke me a whole quarter
Stop me by the store, needa grab some money orders
Just thought about my nigga my red cross his daughter...
Spoke to em last week told me to ball 4 em
Told me to ball on this pussies, his exact... orders
Shit he dun did a dime but shit he caught a qaurter
But he ain't stressing though 'cause my nigga for ya
If he was out nohwww he probably be rolling what
But since he ain't nohw I'm a roll one for em...


Rest in peace jacob: damn I miss you homie
I'm still in these trenches, I know you prayin for me
I think about you boy, when I play that plenty money
Niggas on the colorosy, count all them f*ckin hundreds
Now this for my niggas I'm ballin 4 em all
To all the silent nigga rest in peace y'all
I got a couple soldiers that still awaiting trial
I said pray for ya now hold ya head high
You used have bread, now you ain't got bread
A real hustler boy, you know how to get it again
I'm tryna to motivate you let's get this cash then
And I'm a ball for Diesel and Jbaby till the very end


I gotta do it major like you was out here with me
My mind one way, I'm on a f*ckign mission
I dontknow about nobody else but I know I f*ckin miss ya
Whether you out or in, damn I'm ridin witcha
It ain't nutn change... I'm still the same nigga
Ain't' like dem pussy hoes, who act like they forget ya
Whether you rich or poor make me no f*cking different
The love is in my blood and it's forever in me
Wether is the grave or jail, you know I'm a come to visit
Why they can't keep it real?
Cause they ain't f*cking liv it
Why I ain't change on ya?
Because it ain't in me
And I'm a ball 4 you nigga
I hope you f*ckign hear me
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