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Boosie Lyrics
Ayy boosie, I know you probably asleep my niggah, I been thinkin bout you dawg, I thought id holla atchu my niggah,

It's one in the mornin friday night all of my niggahs in the club instead of fallin with some bitches id rather show love, id rather send kites to the niggahs that the world done slugged, that's why I make music for them niggahs thatt the rich won't hug, anythang can come out a niggah mouth but it's real in his blood, I make mistakes everyday so how can I judge
When niggahs can't be you my niggah that's when they hate you the worst, real pain, and fake tears I done seen it in church, when ya want the world to love you then that's when it hurt, wishen bad on a real niggah I neva seen what it's worth in the dictionary love last but hate come first therefore I wrote this shit my niggah I'll pray foe ya first

Wonder if the kids you bought bikes foe you have they wrote you a letter
Wonder if the niggahs that did a song witchu have you heard from them niggahs
I wonder how many of your dogs done came by and visit ya
Wonder if the crackas you made millions done chopped it up witcha,
Wonder if the hoes you used to f*ck, if they even sent ya some pictas
Wonder if the niggas you called yo dawgs if they eitha foe ya or against ya?
Yo whole situation done taught me alot my niggah
When you winnin niggahs hate ya & when ya down they against ya

It ain't a judge or prosacuter that got more power than god whatever you do my niggah don't let em take what's in yo heart doin day for day indapendent on niggahs can be hard believe in you and keep yo faith cause that's what's smart yo mamma and yo kids are the ones that love you from the start they seen the system break clicks and tear em apart stayin prayed up my niggah is more important than a charge that's what real niggahs do they pass it to god the streets a muthaf*cka my niggah cause they switch and they change it's hard foe niggahs to stay out chere cause they pussys in the game a niggah runnin with cha done flipped now he sprayin yo name the crackas neva do shit niggahs put em in ya game


In life my niggah all of us we slip & we fall and that's the time to find out who's really yo dawgs cause all these pussy niggahs jump in when it's time to ball but them ain't the same niggahs that show up when it's time foe war when the money gone my niggah so is the jelwary mann sometime he takes us thru suome shit to show us our friends and most people they for self including your kids my grandma always used to tell me with god you win put yo trust in a higher power and not in man when you f*ckin round with niggahs it all depends and ifa niggah lied to ya once he gon lie ta ya again and life my nigggah love is what last in the end


[talking: Plies]
From me to you lil homie, not only do I pray foe you my niggah I pray for every real niggah who locked up and tied down right now when I said it'd never change with me it never changed with me I'll never forget you my niggah when I say, I solute it, I solute it to all my gangstas, all my real niggas.
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