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Bricks On Me Lyrics
I got bricks on me, bricks on me. might as well say I got bricks on me.I could have bought 3 byrds with dis watch on me.I got 2 mo chickens on my ears on me.I got bricks on me, bricks on me. might as well say I got bricks on me. 4 byrds in a half on my wrist on me.bout 6 mo chickens round my neck homie.I got bricks on me, bricks on me.

[Verse 1: Plies]
Hope a bitch don't call da police on all these god damn bricks on me, these bricks right here ain't gone for da loan.when I paid for da chain I could of got dat boat.put my chain on da ground dat bricks on da foor.pinky ring on my finger paid a brick fo it hoe.all dis shit around my neck worth a whole lot I stole.I got bricks on me, bricks on me. spent a mill on da jewlrey dats a whole lot of blow.150 for da chain dat a whole lot of dope.I got bricks on me, bricks on me.crazy young nigga dat an ounce fo da stone.white goon mask on me 5 brcks fo da charge.half a brick for da rim my whip sittin on.bout to throw a brick in da club betta leave me alone.


[Verse 2: Fella]
I a whole life sentence on my muh f*ckin wrist.dats a whole 36 round my muh f*ckin neck.ain't gotta hit da trap, got bricks on me.while da jackers lerkin and da fez want me.and these bitches want me. and it gotta be da bricks. keep big fire on me.I'm a muh f*ckin hit.and my son even worse gotta brick in his ear.and I just left da mall spent a brick on da gear. got a brick right here and a brick right here.if you add it all up, dat a whole lot of years.I got fire on me, fire on let a pussy nigga lerk they don't even want a 30 round drum at da bottom of dis bitch. let em jump if dey wanna. leave dem dead in dis bitch.and I really like da trap and nigga still wanna snitch. gon head take a picture dis a whole lot of bricks.


[Verse 3: Plies]
If it don't cost no mo den a brick den I don't muh f*ckin want can believe it then I tell you I done muh f*ckin spot brick mo brick gon it muh f*ckin done it.all these bricks on me I kno da inditement comin.162 carrotts dats a whole lot of stuntin.all dis shit round my wrist dat a whole lot of these diamonds.I got bricks on me, bricks on me.I got 36 ounces in one f*ckin ear. cost a whole f*ckin byrd to get diamonds dis clear.I got 20 bands on me dat a brick my dear.wanna take it all of den I'll blow it right here. got a stone in my watch like a muh f*ckin ___.I keep bricks on me all muh f*ckin year.I got bricks on me, bricks on me.when I'm thru in da club I done bought me a chick. if he ain't ballin right now, den dat his muh f*ckin business.


[Verse 4: Plies]
I'm ridin right now with 10 bricks in da a quarter mill round my neck home boy.y plies walkin round with all dese god damn bricks.he keep dat blower under his shirt he so god damn slick.I threw 50 in atlanta so god damn quick.and I kno I can count those god damn bricks.I got bricks on me, bricks on me.2 bricks in my pocket on the way to da club.brought 2 bricks jus to throw it all up.all dese bricks on a nigga lyk a muh f*ckin bug.all dis white shit on me lookin lyk muh f*ckin drugs. I got bricks on me, bricks on me.I'm on yak right now so I'm a talk dat shit.I got fire on me nigga and I'll merk dat bitch.when I paid fo da benz cost 4 mo bricks.I got bricks on me, bricks on me bitch!

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