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Choppaz Like My Brotha Lyrics
Strapped Up Full Time Keep It Comin blokka blokka what I'm doin buyn chopperz wut we doin buyn chopperz wut they doin hatin on it but they neva cross cause u pussy ass niggaz kno plies will get out I should choppas like my brotha I should choppaz like my brotha I should choppaz like my brotha I should choppaz like my brothaCertified Goon mu fucca I should choppaz like my brotha I should choppaz like my brotha I should choppaz like my brotha.

My Closet fulla choppaz all I got to say I ain't arguein wid u pussys I sho it clean in yo face I clicc of yun niggaz do any thang I say n if a mant yo pussy ass then yo pussy stayn late befo you go to sleep pussy betta prey casue u don't no yet but I got cho name on a kay u no I'm slidn u ont no wut day this time I shake up tha city I'm shuvulin out of tha way untill I kill pussy nigga u ain't savn u can try to fool ya self but u no I don't play most u niggas clamin gangsta is a fame pussy niggas talkn bout it real niggas make it shake u lakk heart u ain't got what it takes u tha type of nigga in these streets dawg that get earased so count do u only last days in a cuple moe day u gone be on the front page

[Chorus x2]

Not sure not sure not sure
For one u pussy ass niggas I do 10 go laid down jump out n succ it again gettn off ain't shit any body can but merkn wut separate tha boyz frm tha men u niggas shootn wid your eyes closed u niggas playn just remember tha bullet to make it to tha end n this game lil homie tha realist nigga win n I'm a hunit present so I kinda like my chance ferupussy ass niggasthis ya last dance tha meat trucc gone sho up not tha ambulance n all that big talk shit will get chu niggas jamed last nigga that ran his mouth got bam think u tha only nigga wid choppas ooh mann I got a closet fulla dem n that anit how I ran

[Chorus x2]

They say don't go to wild nigga less yo money rite been on tha road three dayz Came bacc wid sixty staccz when they seen my choopas they went n baught moe guys a diffrent game lil homie wen niggas shot don't fight n I ain't waist none I'm puttn em in yah ass rite I'm tryn give ya all hunit nigga don't hold it bacc duccd off in tha d tecc gettn off like blokka blokka blokka blokka it's goin down 2night

[Chorus x2]
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