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Plies Lyrics

Choppa Zone Lyrics
[Hook: Plies]
Better ride with your fire
Or stay ya ass home
Becasue you in a muthaf*ckin chopper zone!
At any second a nigga liable to cut them choppers on.
Cause you in a mutha f*ckin chooper zone!
Where tha jack boyz hang an where da goonz roam
Cause you in a muthaf*ckin chopper zone!
Keep one in tha chamber cause cockin it take too long!
Cause you in a muthaf*ckin chopper zone!

[Verse 1:]
The crackers got a law called 10-20-life
The streets got a law called ride with your fire
A street nigga so the street law I live by
In these streets nigga only the smart survive
This where the weak and the pussy niggas get tried
Thug niggas don't respect money they respect fire
So if ya out chea you better stay strapped or die
Better walk light and keep your head on tha swivel
Make sure you stay at arms reach on ya pistol
Don't let him fool ya keep ya eye on the young nigga
Keep thinkin he sweet and he gon be the bitch ta kill ya
And if you pull it ya betta use it, that's all I gotta tell ya


[Verse 2:]
If you ain't from around here you betta keep ya doors locked
And ya windows wound up with your shit cocked
Or them crackers gon have you on the news at six'o' clock
Slumped over in your shit with a head shot
Cause if it look sweet niggas tryin off top
The last four days around here a bitch done got shot
And all you see is yellow tape and white chalk
This where the doors get kicked, heads get bussed
And runnin your dick sucker liable to get you clapped up
Cause them hot slugs will fill yo lil ass up
So if you think it look fishy you better buss
Cause you in a chopper zone and choppers is a must


[Verse 3:]
The funeral home down here nigga it's big business
I ain't seen a fight in five years boy niggas spittin
When niggas shoot choppers hard to do too much missin
Niggas gettin up on ya ass now, ain't no long distance
You see a nigga bend that corner you better start shippin
Cause it's too late to move when that thang start rippin
Don't take nothin but one of them hot ones to leave yo ass finished
And that lil mouth you got on you gon leave yo azz drippin!

[Hook: until end]
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