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Plies Lyrics

Co-Defendant Lyrics
I do NOT f**k with alotta niggas, bruh
They see me, they gon' see me solo bruh
These pussy ass niggas out here too creep for me, bruh
These niggas is not gon' state me, bruh
Ya'll call them niggas ya'll homeboys
Cracker call ya'll organization

[Chorus: x2]
Stay in my own lane
Mind my own bidness
Hit my own licks
Get my own pennies
Keep these niggas from round me, cause I ain't friendly
You'll never slide up under me and be my co-defendant

[Verse 1]
Time to do bidness
Drop niggas off
Never run to them crackers on me bout what ya saw
Never snake me, and get me knocked off
Niggas like hos, love to run they f**kin' mouth
Speak to them in the streets, won't bring them to my house
I don't trust neither bitch, north or the south
Won't be around me tryna scope it out
That SUPAfriendly shit, ain't about
Iono him, keep him from round me
Tryna peep somethin'?
What you tryna see?
Never get that close to find out where I be
I don't know that nigga
Get him from 'round me...

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Niggas come around, guess what? I stop talkin'
Holla at chu niggas later, grab my shit and start walkin'
F**k that shit, I done seen too much
It seem niggas scope niggas and gettin' niggas touched
Get in friends with niggas, turn 'round and set 'em up
Even my own dawg, talk to 'em bout certain stuff
My own friends come around, nigga I hush
Outside of court rooms, nigga I done seen enough
Time to get money, I'm solo
4 deep doin' business, that's a no-no
Cause what a nigga thinkin', you will never know
But do my own time nigga, if I have to go

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Ion f**k with no nigga, who got alotta friends
Cause you never know, who that nigga want to win
You vibe with too many niggas, you spread yaself then
And them the type of niggas, know everybody business then
Nigga too friendly, no tellin' who he with
You niggas f**k with any nigga, you can't do it big
Guarenteed you will neva slide up under kid
I keep my eyes open, and my fire hid
That's how I stay away, from all the f**k shit
I gotta couple homeboys, but I don't run with clique
The least a nigga know, the less he can snitch
I run solo, so I don't have to kill a bitch

[Chorus x2]
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