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Committed To Bein A Real Nigga Lyrics
[Hook: x2]
I'm committed to bein a real nigga and nothin else
100% real nigga nothin less
I stand a real nigga 'till God take my last breath
I do this shit for tha few real niggas in tha streets left

[Verse 1:]
I had a part time daddy
Tha streets made me a man
If I had to do it all over I'd let tha streets raise me again
Indicte me show me ain't no such thang as a real friend
I had to learn that a good heart that shit'll do ya in
Been f*cked over by my homies
Been f*cked over by my kin
I bet one muthaf*ckin thang it won't happen again
A pussy nigga break
A real nigga don't bend
Don't trust a nigga that don't smile no more n' you trust a nigaa that grin
Oh heaven gon' accept me?
I got too many sin
I pray GOD don't overlook me
I hope he understand
Free all tha real niggas in prison
Give 'em one more chance
Until then I'm a be they muthaf*ckin spokesman


[Verse 2:]
Every thang I claim to be
That's what tha streets tell me
This music shit just make stars but tha streets make legends
Not bein real but stayin real been my biggest blessin
This niggas hate ya when ya got it that been my biggest lesson
But ain't a hoe that can hurt me
Ain't a nigga that can scare me
I was born to be a real nigga so I'm a die one
100% real nigga
Real as they come
Remember when bein a real nigga used to mean somethin
These nigaas rather ya lie to 'em
Tha truth they run from
I'm a self-made muthf*cka
Thanks I owe none
Tha niggas that had it all done lost it
That's who I learned from
I'm a real nigga three sixty-five until I'm done


[Verse 3:]
Beina real nigga
That's a f*cked niggas dream
But that's a milestone that only a few niggas can obtain
This shit ain't bout money
This shit ain't bout fame
This shit a way of life
It ain't bout what ya claim
"Only GOD can judge me"
That's some bullshit
If you really felt like that nigga
Why you try n' impress a bitch
That streets opinion matta
That's why I'm on G shit
My name is all I got
I'm willing to die for that shit
I won't change for nothin what you see is what you get
A real nigga and a f*cked nigga is somethin that don't mix
I got my own cash never been a yes man
Tha few real niggas in tha streets left
I'm ya biggest fan

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