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Family Straight Lyrics
[Intro: Plies - talkin]
You kno sum people tthat say money change erre thang I 'm hear to say
Money don't change erre muthaf*ckin thing

Last ten years momma been workin' twice a day
Grandma on a kidney machine, she done lost all the weight,
My auntie got AIDS, she startin' to lose her faith my brudda back in prison
2nd time he gone away .my dady smokin dat shit I can see it in his face
My lil cousin 16 n preganant frum a nigga 38.tryna stay on my son
Make sure he doin what his mama say.
Before ya take me God, help me get my family straight.

[Verse 1:]
I asked God why didn't He bless me with a silver spoon
Cause if he did I'd never have to be a goon.If he gon' change my family
I hope he do it soon.I'm tired of answerin my fone hearin bad news.
My grandma on a walker she can barely move. jus to tell meh she luv me take all
Her breath to do.she on a kidney machine I kno it's hurtin her 2 4 times a week gotta
Get her blood drew she say the bible n prayer the only thing that get her through
Why my grandma deserve dis y god wat did she do.thought jus cause I had a lil money
I could by her a new one.she keep the family together she one I caint loose


[Verse 2:]
My aunty got AIDS n I'm watchin her suffer why she otta die because
She fell in luv with a hustla although she dying she say she still luv em
I kno if I see em again I'll kill dat muthaf*cka.only get 15 minutes to talk to my brudda
Cause he in prison gotta go see em if I wanna hug em.sum niggas willin to risk dey freedom
For thuggin jus because he made a mistake I gotta be here for em jus because I love him .
My ucle jus called found out his daughter f*ckin, f*ckin wen dey get 14 like it ain't nuthin
In da hood it's happenin 10 out of a dozen dat nigga her daddy age dat is f*ckin my lil cousin


[Verse 3:]
My daddy near 50 still livin with his momma can't even have a family reuion
It's alwayz drama.last three months I dun lost both of my uncles.
Why my family luck bad I sit n wunda we ain't close lyke we should be n dat is taken us
Unda.the only time we cum together is to have a funeral sit around n talk about
Each other n spread rumors.kno it's sum of mah fault cause I don't talk to em
For my family to be happy is all I want help my grandma fight, god I know she don't
To see my mama retire that's all I want hope my brudda get out to see his kids for once.
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