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Feel Like F*ckin Lyrics
I feel like f*ckin', I feel like f*ckin', I feel like f*ckin'

I'm just in one of them moods, I feel like f*ckin'
Wanna lay up in somethin' wet, and punish somethin'
I want a nice lil' baby who ain't got on nothin'
I got a taste for some pussy, I feel like f*ckin' [x2]

Ate pussy in the shower for the first time last week
I got a confession to make to the world, I'm a freak
I think about wet pussy, all in my sleep
My fantasy is to get caught, f*ckin' on the beach

The best pussy you can get is when you gotta sneak
I call my lil' baby a shooter; when she nut, she skeet
If I had my choice of how I'm a die, I'd be in some pussy, beatin'
Bammin' pussy, then leave and cause a nigga cheatin'

My baby sore, cause I done f*cked her twice, this evenin'
Said I f*ck her so good, it feel like she dreamin'
Got her playin' with herself for no apparent reason
Need some more of that pussy, cause a nigga feenin'


All this liquor keep me horny than a motherf*cker
Just text bay and ask her could I come f*ck her
Only yak here, but shit, her ass in trouble
Goin' to beat bay, so that mean no rubber

That's my motherf*ckin' best, nigga, that's how I cut her
We been f*ckin for a while, that's how we f*ck each other
Love diggin' in lil' mama, cause it get gutta
Seem like that pussy go to runnin', soon as you touch her

When I get in that pussy, I'm tryin' to pull a muscle
Ready to come up out these boxers, so I can gon' and f*ck her
I can blame it on the liquor, if I wanna suck her
Know I'm ready to f*ck bad than a motherf*cker


Can be four in the mornin' or two in the afternoon
Just thinking 'bout that pussy get me in my mood
Knowin' that pussy on it's way, get me in my groove
Nothin' like a bad bitch, who body smooth

Lay her flat on the bed, and look at her in the nude
Then f*ck on every inch of the whole room
Money first, then pussy, then food
Around fat pussy, it's hard to keep my cool

Gotta turn my head, so I don't f*ckin' drool
I can tell when I want it; feel my boxers move
Yet they pussy get wet, when they want it too
Good pussy the worst thing you can ever lose


I feel like f*ckin', I feel like f*ckin', I feel like f*ckin', I feel like f*ckin'
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