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F*cks With You Lyrics
Baby I F*cks With You Cause All The Lil Things You Do You Keep It So True
That's Why I F*cks With You Cause Yeen Worried Bout The Fame With The Name Or The Bling
That's Why I'm Calling You A Bad Muthaf*cka Can't Let Nan Other Bitch Out There Touch Ya
They Start Dancing When I Walk In Now They Scared To Say Leave Me I F*CKS WITH YOU

[Verse 1:]
I Ran Down On Her She Was There So I Cuffed Her Cute Lil Baby Plus She Got Good Butt
I'm F*cked Up Bout It Like Forreal Doe Bruh Hygiene A-1 So I Don't Smell Nun
She Bout That Life That's Why I Deal With Her
When She Ask Me To Come Through I Don't Even Buck
She Can Be Sleep When I Call She Pop Right Up
And Nobody Rock Them Boy Shorts Like Her
Them Lil Cheeks Be Hangin
I Be Looking At Her Stuck
She Ain't Gotta Ask For Bread Cause I F*ck With Her Tuff
I'm Hungry I Call Her She Come Through In The Clutch
I F*ck With Her The Long Way Like Straight Up


[Verse 2:]
If I Was Broke Right Now I Think She'll Let Me Hold Something
Feel Like She For Me So I Include Her When I Got Stuntin
Mama Bills Get Behind I Shoot Her A Lil Sumtn
Answer My Phone In Front Of Her She Don't Say Nun
I Get To Talking To Long Doe She Look At Me Funny
She Kno It Ain't Nun The Boy Jus Gettin To The Money
When I Wanna Tease Her A Lil Bit I Jus Call Her Country
When I Wanna See Her Smile I Jus Tell Her Doe I Jus Tell Her She Bucking
Chill When She Need Too Snap When She Have Too
One Thing About It She Do Her Thing With Them Hair Do's
I Told Her She Been Getting Thick Since I've Been Cutting Her
She Told Me No I'm Ain't I Get It From My Mama


[Verse 3:]
I Feel Like She Deserve A Nigga Like Me
She Fall I Got Her I'm a Put Her Back On Her Feet
I Ain't Trying Change Her And She Ain't Tryna Change Me
She Jus Got Real She Ask Me Do I Wanna Key
I Wanted To Tell Her Yeah But I Had To Kept It G
That's Why I F*cks With You Cause You F*cks With Me
I Can Be On The Road And She Can Be Out Of Town
And I Ain't Got To Sweat Her Cause She Gon Hold Me Down
Weither She Do Or Don't She Act Like She Care
Even When I Ain't Around She Act Like I'm There
I Ain't One Of Them Dudes Who Tell You What To Wear
You Can Flaunt It All You Want To I Ain't Insecure

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