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Plies Lyrics

Heard Of Me Lyrics
[Intro: Plies talkin]
Not a typical nigga (have you heard of me)
Boy I think I'm bout go n all the way on this one (have you heard of me)
One thing about me home boy I don't play no muthaf*ckin games(have you heard of me)

[Verse 1:]
Kept it muthaf*ckin gutta from day one right now homie the streets I run how am this hot and a award I ain't won cause I ain't a industry nigga alright son but you will pay me for what I've done take tha industry relationship cause I don't want none don't want the fame of this shit you can have it shoulda just took tha money n then run that ain't how a real nigga play it where I'm from stay n get the whole thing and then sum I dun sold gold what's next platinum dun sold ova a million records ain't that sumthin

May neva see me on tha cover of a magazine cause I ain't willin 2 kiss be seen copperate mad at me cause dey can't f*ck me I'm who these haterz hatin I'm 3rd degree say I'm to gutta homie 4 t.v. I'm who these white folks don't want they kids 2 see but I'm the new owners of these f*ckin streets go by tha name of plies have you heard of me.

[Verse 2:]
Erre since me erre body claiming real most you niggas pussy that's how I feel can be the best rapper an gotta tell lies I couldn't be dat cause all I do is fantasize how you cookin dope you wearin suites n ties
This industry a joke they publicize just don't go to yo parties if you don't f*ck with plies to all my fans I apologize
Want me to cross ova f*ck dat side jus a real nigga out of Ft.Meyers I got principles nigga dats wat I live by
I ain't got rap feature n I'm still alive not 1 my 3rd album is u suprised worth my investment ask atlantic records do I let shit slide ring tone numbas 1.5


[Verse 3:]
Copperate scared of me cause I ain't safe dey don't know wat da f*ck dat I might say in da type of game dat they play I don't wear tight jeans or rock shades umma trendsetter I go my own way I make it hard on the radio dat the streets praise you can stop countin on questions dese days ever heard of a nigga dat say f*ck me nigga either a rapper or a wannabe jus want me to kill em on gp say I ain't lyrical well I'm sorry b dropped out of college ain't earned my degree but at my bank dey love me his favorite rapper ain't hot but he mad at me I can make me hot for a small fee da streets don't want em I'm sorry
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