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I Chase Paper Lyrics
I had sumone come up to me n asked me wat do u do for a livin sir I said I chase paper wat da f*ck u think

[Chorus: x2]
I chase paper [x20]

[Verse 1:]
Hustle now sleep wen I'm dead niggaz w /money go fed grandma told meh
That's where I'm headed gon chase paper can't be scared all I kno I want beg
Gon'get paper I want my bread. don't wanna pay I have yo head yoppa loaded
Unda my bed. gon' chase paer till I'm dead how much it's gon' take till I'm straight
Gon' be rich I can't wait. all I do is paper chase. I ain't got time to waste. I need millions on my plate I get paper all day.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Woke up early lukin fo a check until I'm the life of a rich I can't rest. broke n black na that's
Stress. wanna break bread w/ meh be mii guess. when I got paper I'm at my best.
Only money can fix my mess. gettin tired of chevys I want jets. all I need is one big
Lick. I want now not next. I want paper I don't wanna here shit. I want mansions
He want bitches. that's tha last thing on my list. w/o paper I am sick paper near I want it
I chase paper till I quit the mo I hustle tha mo I get

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
I lost it all I almost cried I can't sleep I got bags unda my eyes. I need paper f*ck bein tired
I need paper more then life. if I go broke I will die hustle longer than 9 to 5. can't be broke
I got to much pride. if u go broke den dat mean suicide. ben chasin paper all my life they
Hatin on me dat aight I need haterz dey mii high the easier it get the more u try paper chaser
That is I mii brudda in prison chasin it now say oj money dat is a lie

[Chorus x2]

Oh I kno all about chasin paper bruh 3 albums in sixteen months homie I kno all about chason
Paper this how we cumin out da gates bruh da realist in store december 16 wat time is 5:22 in da mornin
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