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Plies Lyrics

Make A Movie Lyrics
[Chorus: x2]
I'm on yak she on goosey all my niggaz keep dat tooly I'm in chevy he in duely
Me n my niggaz finna make a movie

[Verse 1:]
Sick chevy back to back I drink brown dey drink white paint wet engine tight
Dis our city we run lites hustle all day stunt at night pistol on lap who gon' jack
Pulled up da realist pulled out tha whips time to show who got chips, my dog trippin
Left his clip liqour store buy 1 mo fifth hog in da trunk beamin n yo ear.spent a stack on
My gear.f*ck dem niggaz motion picture rite here.stop this bitch let's make a movie rite here

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Betta grab a seat n sum pop corn cause me n mii niggaz finna put on sum in tha streets
All of em strong couple my niggaz just came home ridin candy sittin on chrome pants
Hanging grill showin wild onerre set we on catch me standing on da hood of my car
We don't play nothin but my songs dem niggaz ain't real they jus rappin homes b4
It's ova money gettin thrown holdin up traffic are we wrong

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Oh tha club we gon' shut it down ain't no secret wen I'm n town sumbody said
Who is plies here you go couple dollars this in this corna only goons allowed
All tha goons make em proud all my dawgs on pills crowd goin wild wanna crank up da
Club put on plies time to throw money ain't threw it in a while slangin money let it fly

[Chorus x2]
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