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Plies Lyrics

No Pressure Lyrics
My juno doll that told me won't [?] a diamond for the niggas
Hole em what it [?] is stupid f*ck gonna box it up no pressure
Couple nigga drive away and over nigga spread me as whatever
They hate on me they lying on me, is cool dog no pressure
No pressure, no pressure, no pressure, no pressure
Tryin to trick all these streets though
I hear you homie no pressure
Hurt it up to be set it up they tryin to flt with me is whatever
Got me rollin russel no [?] nigga ere day no pressure

I'm ridin ride with my [?] I got a lot of shit on my mind
Bad bitches is [?] ere thang is on my line
What thing that I didn't do is pay this niggas no mine
First nigga that I [?] I do it for me he dime
My left pocket is [?] face and my right pocket that I
You f*ck with me and don't f*ck with you and ere thang just to be fine
The whole nigga that's [?] is prayin niggas with them lies
The shit [?] try to set it homies I hit nigga ain't' bime
I buy my nigga once [?] my nigga is running your [?]
I been the club nigga throwing money why ere thang going dime
For couple dollars I make you be the latest stuck in your [?]
Now I bill the dealer throwing money why you ask to [?] climb


I'm in a white call with [?] grass what a black strap of my [?]
And I'm ridin round for some [?] what a half of me of my [?]
You ever call em a pussy nigga you [?] your nail
Call pussy nigga be pussy nigga I'm a lead ash that [?]
And man nigga this [?] nigga nigga last time that I check
I wait cope nigga everybody I'm counting money get fresh
I post up when it's role up and I ride round to get set
You see me that you bang on me nigga you ain't mean gotta ask
See now nigga and I [?] I'm ball it till I die
You gonna talk about ti and be about it
That's how I live my life
Keep jumping I ain't never see nigga drave out in this [?]
See now nigga I'm ball it till I die bitch

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