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Paranoid Lyrics
Something finna happen bih, I can feel it bih [x2]

I'm para para para para noid
I'm para para para para noid
Deze hoes got me paranoid
Deze niggahs got me paranoid
Da police & da muthaf*ckin feds got me paranoid

[Verse 1:]
Muthaf*ck da world
Cause da world is evil
Just bought me a new 40
I call dat bitch da sequel
Dat why I don't goto church
Cause I can't trust the preacher
I don't f*ck hoes at my house
Cause I can't trust dem neither
I see a car with 10 on it
I think it's dem people
Cause keep yo shit 100
Dat shit must be illegal
Da feds dun picked up 20 niggahs
Now dey got me peepin
I heard dem niggahs rob
Dat why I keep on reachin
And while I'm ridin dolo
Cause muhf*ckas sneaky
I don't talk around niggahs
Dats how shit be leakin
I keep behind dem toolies
I got my f*ckin reasons
And why I ain't superfriendly
Cause bitch I ain't no deacon


[Verse 2:]
A niggah called my phone
I feel he tawkin crazy
Tawkin bout his plug
And how he can whip a baby
I hung up on dat niggah
Well bitch dis ain't da 80's
I bet I hit you long
And dat ain't how you play me
A bitch dat stop my car
Tawkin bout she pregnant
Bitch you tryna come up
I don't understand dat language
Cause me & you never f*cked
Ain't never got you naked
You sucked my dick & jacked me off
And after dat I fainted
Bitch you picked the wrong one
Cause I can make you famous
I can't trust deze hoes
I don't know what dey thinkin
Police lurkin hard
Got me scared to drive
Oprah tried to pull me
I'm paranoid at high


[Verse 3:]
Who da f*ck to trust
Cause friends done got shady
Cause one of my lil homies
F*ck my other dawg lady
I ain't gone tell him shit
Cause he gone think I'm hatin
My cousin robbed his big brother on 380
Da streets done got slow
So everybody taken
Most of da niggahs in da county
Got everybody shaken
Dem niggahs droppin names
Dependin what dey facin
It's 4o'clock in da morning
I'm in da crib pacin
Nobody out here is safe
Cause shit out here ain't gravy
Cause dawgs been crossin dawgs
Dats da shit dat been goin on lately
Everybody got a mask
Bitch out here like jason
I can be in da bed
Got dat bitch on safety

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