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Plenty Money Lyrics
I got plenty money I got plenty money I got plenty money
Let da streets kno I got plenty money I got plenty money

What's in my pocket dog big face huned jus left da mall
Bought erre thang that I wanted I'm kinda of mad witchu
Haters I'm real dissapointed cause wat u didn't tell da people
Dat I got plenty money I got plenty money

[Verse 1:]
I lyke mah bitches hood but all my whips foriegn just bought anotha house
Da last one was borin 10, 000 sq.feet it feel lyke you tourin dese niggaz
Dissin me it ain't really important.take off yo shirt nigga I bet yo ribs showin.
U niggaz starvin my money game sick got all dese hoes
Adorin.catch me n da club with all da yak pourin.if I eva go to prison umma have
Plenty stories.sleep real good ain't gotta worry.stay fresh erre day jewlry stay
Glowin.I got plenty money n all u niggas kno it


[Verse 2:]
Next month guess wat I'm buyin rappers.I'm startin to feel sorry fo u lil bastards.
I'm pretty hawt yo career a disaster. I control you niggaz sumthin lyke yo master.
65 grand that round a beezle.stay frum round me if u don't lyke 2 smell cheddar
I ain't f*ckin with dat hoe cause she a dick hacker.wanna kno who I'm f*ckin my money
I jus married hur.she ben good 2 meh I mite 5 karot hur.ran me out da store
I brought to many plasmas.countin so much money breathin like I got
Asthma.u kno the old sayin the mo money tha merrier.


[Verse 3:]
I don't kno why I botu da bently wen I had da masarati. Wat I paid fo da goonz check 140
Trade 140.scared 2 keep money on meh cause I will blow strip club name
Is MR. WILL THROW IT.keep fire on deck n I will show it.fuq with me n get wacked
All u niggaz kno it.scared 2 dance in da club cause my fire loaded. if u won't use it guess wat den don't tote it.
Mo money 2 most niggas me mo money 2 me mean keep
Goin.haterz gettin tired my money still growin.ball all night catch a flight next mornin
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