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Put It On Ya (Remix) Lyrics
You know dey say I don't neva sleep right (dey say I don't neva sleep)
Dis one here got numba one written all ova it (dis here is numba one baby) ha, ha

[Bridge: Chris J]
Shawty I wanna know if you'll come ova
If you don't mind, girl, put yo legs up on my shoulders
Don't lie I can see it in you eyes
You want for you and I to do at freaky thing you like

When I put put put it on girl, when I put put put it on ya [x3]
When I put put put it on ya, put put put it on ya
Ooh wee

Let's ride in the city
Make love in the car
Let's get on the express way, and let me tease you ma
And while you drive baby, I wanna taste your tums
Pull in the rest area and let me give you some
You ever been drivin while your man made you...
I wanna hit, instead I wanna hit and run
Let's pull da car ova and have a lil fun
Da AC work, so we ain't gotta bun
Ooh wee

[Hook: Chris J]
Can I lick it, can I stick it, can I touch it, can I grub it, baby tell me can I have it (ooh wee)
Can I rub it, can I flip it, can I hold it, can I dip it, any way, I wanna get it


Put it pon dis girl like (wooaaahhh)
Rose pedals when she come to da door
Come sit down from head to toe
From da bed to da floor
In a private show (oh)
Send my lovin when she clap it and she love it,
On top it, tick tockin when I'm rockin real (slo oh oh)
Get a good one when she clock it up, rock it up, pon it up on da bed you can manage hearin (oh oh oh)
She'll holla "don't stop it"
So I'm a take off like a rocket, o man den she can't let go (oh)
Ooh wee (wooooooohhh)


I be da bedroom ruler, girl, I'm a lead you into da world (see)
Have ya body screamin, oh Tiba make it hurt me
Yes girl, I work it
Feel ya body work it, give ya so much lovin, got ya thinkin it's ya birthday (ooh wee)
See it in your eyes (baby)
That is no surprise (ooh wee)
Way ya body brush against me until your on da sky (maybe)
You want start it but (maybe)
When I plant it you are gon to whisper into my ear
You can do with it what what you want (wooooooohhh)

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