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Ride Dick So Good Lyrics
Man Bruh This little hoe just got through ridin his dick, And when she got off this dick I started clappin. I told that little hoe she ride dick so good, I'm finna go get that hoe a purple.

Got a bad little bitch that I met in my hood, and I bragg on this bitch every chance I could; How she sit on that dick, how she grind on that wood, I ain't never seen a bitch ride dick this good (she ride dick so good, she ride dick so good, ain't never seen a bitch ride dick dis good, she a bad little bitch that I met in my hood and ain't never seen a bitch ride dick this good).

[Verse 1:]
She like to turn on them lights before she ride that dick, then she get on that dick and go to hittin that bitch, Put her hands on yo chest while she ridin that shit, then put em' on her waist and go to poppin that shit.

I GOt my hands on her ass now I'm stabbin that bitch, went to hittin up in her deep now she grabbin that dick, she got right on her toes now she handlin that dick, now she ridin that dick like she paddlin that dick, I told her keep on goinq just manage that dick went to slappin her ass now she rubbin her clit, I asked her what's my name she went to hollering that shit. Got my hands on her waist now I'm all in that shit.


[Verse 2:]
She turned backwards on the dick now she workin them guts, and she throwin that pussy while she playin with them nuts.

Now she beatin that dick I think she gettin that nut, now she back it on off and she slowin it on up. Put her chest on the bed now she speedin on up, got her ass cheeks spread now I'm killin that butt, Pussy got so wet now I can hear them guts Love to see that pipe keep goin in them guts.

Keep talkin that shxt now I'm hittin her but and all she keep yellin is (keep on guttin, keep on guttin, keep on guttin) I'm on vosp I'm hollerin (keep on f*ckin, keep on f*ckin, all I'm yellin is keep on f*ckin, keep on f*ckin, keep on f*ckin) I'm on vosp I holler keep on f*ckin.


[Verse 3:]
She asked me what I wanna do I told her baby just drive, put yo seatbelt on get, get on that dick and just ride, get right on that dick, talk to it just glide, keep the dick in tho lean on when ya tired, if I ever told ya pussy wasn't good I lied, if the dick came out of that pussy I'd cry, how you ride that dick I can feel them sides.

Sit ride on that head slide down real nice, when the car point at it got damn I'd buy it, you deserve that shit the kind of dick you ride, keep ridin that dick keep lookin in my eyes, You ride dick the best I'd marry you nah.

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