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Rob Yo Pussy Ass Lyrics
Keep Talkin Dawg, U Gon Make Me Rob Yo Pussy Ass, Ain Gon Wack U F**k Nigga Only Want Cha Cash, U Lame Den A Bitch Ole Soft Ass, Keep Talkin U Gon Make Me Rob Yo Pussy Ass

[Verse 1:]
U A F**k Nigga And Err Body Kno U Soft, Niggas Done Bent Cha Up 100 Times Damn U Soft, U A Professional Talker All U Do Is Talk, U Kno How Ta Act Like U Bout It U Ain't Never Got Off, Get A Couple F**k Niggas Round Ya And U Try To Floss, Nigga Catch It By Ya Self And U Act Lost, Soon Ass I Catch U Flaggin I'm a Break Ya Off, Don't Care If It's In The Broad Day Or In The Dark,

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
It Dnt Take A Nigga Shit To Jump In That Monkey Suit, And Drop That Ski Down And Make That Choppa Do Wut It Do, U See A Nigga Joggin With Dem Cannons Don't Act Stupid, U F**k Round And Panic And Buck If Ya Want To, And I'm a Let All Hundred Of Dese Hollow Points Loose, Cause Real Goons Don't Talk Real Goons Shoot, Keep Runnin I'm a Bust Ya MuthaF**kin Head, Since U Wanna Play Like U Thuggin I'm a Make U Red, And Fill Ya Lil Soft Pussy Ass Up With Lead, U Don't Hang Out Late Night Pussy You Scared, But U Get Round Dem Hoes And Try Ta Talk Big, U Just 1 F**k Nigga Dawg I Gotta Get

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Ole Pussy Ass Nigga Dawg U Ain't Spose To Be Out Chea, U Spose To Be On Tha Porch Where U Been The Last 10 Years, U Think U Is Nigga But U Ain't In Da Clear, Make U Think Shit Sweet To Get Ya Out Chea, Soon As U Think Shit Gravy Get Cha Ass Flipped, I'm Tryna Putcha In The Newspaper Off The Rip, That Fakin Like U Tough Done Got A Lot Of Niggas Killed, And How The F**k Niggas Be The Ones With The Most Lip, U Wanna Be Bout It Dawg But Dat Ain't How Ya Built, A Nigga Slapped Ya With Da Pistol Dawg And Ya Dipped, Plies Dawg Me And You Ain't Cut From The Same Quilt, It Ain't Gon Take Nun But One Time For U Ta Slip And I'm a Max Ya Ass Out With Da Whole Clip, I Wanna Run Down On Ya Wen Ya Witcha Dawgs, Run Up On Ya Ass N Giv It On All Ya'll, Ya'll Ready Kno Wut I'm Bout U Kno How I'm Rockin Dawg

[Chorus: Till End]
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