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She Got It Made Lyrics
I'm lookin for one female that I can turn into a spoiled bratt
I wanna spoil you 7 days a week

I'll buy you gucci and prada
And fly you all around the world
Because you so much hotter
Then all them other girls
So when we coolin on the eastside
You coolin with me
But when you pull up in that new ride
Dis is all they gon say (hey!)

Damn right she got it goood
Hell yeah she got it made [x2]

Millionaire Like-Status, I can make yours the same
Big cribs, nice whips, I can get it all arranged
I can get your own chouper
I can put you on a plane
Clear stones, nice diamonds I can put it in yuh ring
Big rocks, flawless ice I can put it in yuh chain
Nice weight, nice hips I can put it on yuh frame
Buy you stocks, buy you bonds I can put it in yuh name
If you like to ride candy I can put you in the paint
If you like top chef I can put it in yuh drank
If you need alil paper, I can put it in yuh bank
If you need alil sex I can drop it in yuh tank
If you Eva get cold I can put you in a me


I can make you everyday look like a big time model
Spoil you everyday and have you livin unda water
All 5 star suites we ain't doin no remodels
You ain't got to cook baby all you gotta do is order
If u Eva with me, u ain't got to spend a quarter
Own beautician baby all you got to do is call her
Gotta closet full of purses, everyone of em I dun bought em'
Got yuh tee cup yorkage just to match with yuh prada
Wanna tear down bell hoppa all you got to do is holla
Letchu act alil streeter, letchu drink out of the bottle
Send u on vacation with yuh girls and yuh momma
Wanna stay a whole month, u can stay as long as you wanna

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