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Spend The Night Lyrics
[Intro: Plies - talkin]
I feel lyke havin company to night, so I jus need to find out who wanna cum
Spend tha night with me it's a couple of things at mii house I wanna show u

Baby wanna spend tha night gotta crib that's so tight, view is jus rite got neighbors
That are so nice baby wanna spend da night u can help me count stacks
I got dogs dat don't bitechef cook wat u like baby wanna spend da night.

[Verse 1:]
Wanna cum n chill take on two of mah cribs show u wat I rappin is real good is
How I live goon palace my dear whisper sumthin in yo ear got my own menu rite here
All liqour no questions ask my dear what is that o that's a peer over there is
A chandelier o this bout 5 karots in my ear.


[Verse 2:]
O sex will get to that later, who's dat oh dat is my waiter, she cleans and cater she
Works fo me because I pay her she take care of all yo favors tha's cherrywood on them
Tables.them suites they wearin is tailored to gutta it ain't in my nature.wat I do
Is shit dat cost paper look back dere them acres dat bentley I bought for dem haters
Got sattelite no cable wanna take a look at my gators o wave at em dem my neighbors
Dey cool baby dey got paper.


[Verse 3:]
Pick were you wanna have sex ne wear n my house be my guess got 6 rooms you can pick
We go in my office on my dess wanna do it in tha shower then yes got maids to clean
Up our mess what I'm about to give you is the best I'm here to fix your stress
Just let me kno wen you get wet take your time gettin undressed while I take da diamonds
Off my neck cause I'm finna get in yo chess bout to put my eggs in you nest on
Yak I don't need no rest f*ck you till you out of breath wanna get spend da night den yes


Outro: Plies - talkin]
Baby if spend da night u will not wanna go home I will literally have to make you go home
You ever seen da commercial were dey jump out grab the dude by the ankles and
Drag him through tha house that would be u I promise I will let you spend da night
Again baby wanna spend da nighttttt
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