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Polo G Lyrics
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Polo G Info:

Also known as Capalot or Polo Capalot, he is a Chicago rapper with tracks titled "Finer Things," "Gang With Me," "Hollywood" and "Welcome Back," among others.

Music became an outlet for him to cope with the violent loss of several family members and friends.

“The first song I ever recorded is called “ODA” it was a thrilling experience. I was scared and anxious when I stepped into the booth. The more comfortable I got the more I enjoyed it.” he tells on his interview with rollingout.com.

His first hit single came with “Gang With Me” which was played over 3.28 Million times in Soundcloud alone. Shortly after, Polo dropped another hit track “Finer Things” which really brought him into the limelight and made him one of the brightest prospects in the music industry.

“We have a different story to tell. As Black men from impoverished areas, we all experience the same struggles. Growing up in Chicago, it’s more extreme. We live a fast-paced life at a young age and go through a lot. What makes me different is my way of thinking. I plan on being the biggest thing in hip-hop one day.” he tells on his interview with rollingout.com. The song has amassed more than 33 Million views on YouTube alone. -edailybuzz.com

Birth name:
Taurus T Bartlett

January 6, 1999 (age )

Chicago, IL



Tour Dates:

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