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Another Romeo & Juliet Lyrics
Well ashes to ashes
Love to dust
Sure as the sun was shinin', I was lost in lust
I'm looking in your eyes now, so black and so cold
Your words don't mean nothing
This game is so old
Now my world is spinnin' faster and faster

No drama instead
Your words go over my head
Let's stop hurting each other so we can be alright
You're so perfect in bed
But still you're f*cked in the head
Everything you say I can't take your lies
I can't take your lies
This is just another Romeo & Juliet

I swallowed my pride
And way too many times
I left my heart wide open and now I can't take no more
I guess somethings just ain't meant to be
Like you and me
Now my world is spinnin' faster and faster


Everything's spinnin', we're falling faster than ever
We're on a one way track to a tragic disaster

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