Pop Evil - Shinedown Lyrics

Pop Evil Lyrics

Shinedown Lyrics
A little more than life's been wasted
Since you went away, nothing's changed
We stick together, it won't last forever
So why is there so much pain?
I can't explain
This war I fought without you
It's all in my head, well step aside
And succumb
The last time was free, yeah

Give the times, it's never gonna change
I've made up my mind, I still feel the same
Release me from a life of the pain
Shine down your light on me

One million
Short of a billion
I can't speak if you won't listen
There's no-one, no way I'm falling down without you here
Lift off the stain I wear and graph this state of mind


Give up cause my mind is made
I can't feel the same
If there ain't nothing changed

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