Post Malone - Tear$ Lyrics

Post Malone Lyrics

Tear$ Lyrics
I wipe my tears with the money, yeah
I wipe my tears with the money, yeah
That Supreme takes the pain away
I wipe my tears with the money, yeah

What you know about me?
Y'all don't really know shit and I'm f*ckin' your bitch right now
And I really really hate to prolly say right now
Supreme on my back and I'm whippin' the woo
Man these bitches don't know, man these bitches don't know
I'm swaggin' on these hoes and I pull up in that woo
And I pull up on that road, doin' hundred miles and hold
Man I poke another hole, I smoke another O
And I pour another O and I smoke another
Pull up on Fairfax, drop top
Hop out into the 'Preme store, top notch
Already bread jumping out the pockets
Ain't no worries, wipe my tears with my dollars

[Hook x2]

If I got an issue, I don't need no tissue
My bitch started cryin', I bought her a shitzu
You gotta do what you gotta do just to get through
And if you play with my money, your mom gon' miss you
I started throwin' a tantrum, so I copped me a Phantom
And every time she gets mad, I throw the keys to the Jag
Broke niggas call me materialistic
We do not ball the same, you're still learnin' how to pivot
Since I got rich, I don't drink beer
Leave the mall, leave a trail of tears
I told my son don't have no fears
If he ever feels down we can take off in the leer
We could be gone tomorrow, love today
And when that check hit my account, this what I say

[Hook x2]

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