Puff Daddy - Can't Believe Lyrics

Puff Daddy Lyrics

Can't Believe Lyrics
christine B this is ur song
I always dreamed that everything would be okay
With me and you, I was wrong
When I looked into your eyes
I didn't see all the things I used to see
What's going on?

1 - [Faith Evans]
You gave me reason to believe that
We were always meant to be
But now I see, you were wrong
You can't keep running back to me
With all those "Baby, baby please"-s
No more, no more

2 - [Faith & Carl]
Never imagined
You would be a faded picture
I'm emotional
Youre so believing
Ur deceiving, it's official
I'm emotional

I can't forget that night I saw you in the corner
Of my eye, you were wrong ooh
Slow dancing on the floor
While I was watching from the door
So hurt, there you were

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

You had your chance
But you threw it all away
Thought you had my love always
Oh baby, I don't understand
Why you think that we could stay in total unhappiness

Repeat 2 till end

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