Puff Daddy - Finna Get Loose Lyrics

Puff Daddy Lyrics

Finna Get Loose Lyrics
(Puff Daddy & The Family feat. Pharrell Williams)

[Hook: Pharrell]
A nigga finna get loose, huh
A nigga finna get loose, huh
A nigga finna get loose, huh
A nigga finna get loose, huh

[Verse 1: Puff Daddy/Pharrell]
Where you from, where that at
Where you heading, what is that
What you doing, feeling that
Get that fucking cake up, open your mind [?]
Keep your distance, unless you wanna get witnessed
Me and the renegade, black grenade, blowin' up mines, diamond's blue
Chop it like sumo
Nigga hungry like Cujo
Smoking that Pluto
No ticking time like hand on the rope
Nigga feel beautiful
No park brake but a nigga in neutral

You wanna roll some grass, go and do that
You ain't tryna pass, don't do that
You gotta drink the mask, don't do that
Finna act the ass, go and do that
Say what now


[Verse 2]
Get back down, get on up, get on up
This is what, truth feels like, so uncut
I'm in love on that cline, me rockin' Moncler
White chick, long hair
But what a black man yell?
I shine like this, luminescent spit
Get bright right quick
This is good as it get
Two top floors at the motherfuckin' Ritz
I only like hits, since P.E. see a nigga never miss
You see this black fist
A nigga come number one like the old Limp Biz



Ain't no more to it
We out, remember me now?
Let's dance
Yeah, yeah
I see you dance, all the dances you know what to do
I made this part for you and you and you and you and you and you, you, you, you!
Bad boy

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