Puff Daddy - How We Do Lyrics

Puff Daddy Lyrics

How We Do Lyrics
[Puff Daddy]
Cats hate me cause I mastered this
PD the one who brought class to this
I brought a brand new 6 just to blast my disc
Pockets fool of chips with the glass on the wrist
Got a mashion in the Hamptons that niggas would kill for but I'm never
really home I live on the billboards
Cause I remained da most famous Entertiner
Yacht by the dock jetplane in the hanger
Haters all hating and the ladies all waiting
That's how I stay winning
You the hottest in the nation
Getting my bounce on
Dipped in Sean John
Chilling in Justins and spilling the Sean Don
I roll in the Rolls on cruise-control
If you know what I know then you can go where I go
Got a whole alot of dough and money in escrow
Having fun spending one's and watching my sons grow
Like my nigga Bust said Give Me Some Mo
We in the record store or you can catch us on tour
Bad Boy 99 goin shine once more
Making sure everybody know the time once more

Chorus-Puff Daddy and Madd Rapper
Yo every nigga want to get it like we do
[Madd Rapper]
Tired of getting money illegal
Those million dollar deals thats how we do
[Madd Rapper]
Me too I think I need too see you
Yo every nigga want to get it like we do
[Madd Rapper]
I want to get on and get it from my people
Spill the henny out the bently thats how we do
[Madd Rapper]
me too I think I need too see you

[Madd Rapper]
Yo I want to live in the lap of lux with a maid who does windows, cooks,
cleans, and f*cks
Bust long nuts king sized deluxe
20 room mashion chauffer with a tux
See all I want to do is make a little trick money dinner and a flick money
wet my dick money
Make a few hit records and f*ck me a thick honey
Stop hoping the trains for that quick stick money
Lay up in the cut and receive hugs and kisses scope wild bitches
with champagne wishes
Wishin they could be all up under me
No more fun for me strictly bubbly
Like who in ya right minds don't wantin ball in a benz?
Popping Cris at the bar floss with all your friends
Got me not Me nigga if ya give me a buick
I be scooping bitches up like what fool lets do it

Chorus 2x

[Puff Daddy]
Now I'm young, black and gettin it
I payed my dues
I'm just playin the game
I ain't make the rules
I know you seen it on the news a hundred-thou in jewels
PHing is played out so whats da deal with yall fools?

[Madd Rapper]
I'm still hatin
Still waitin for my day to blow so I can do shows fly ho's up in my video
I'm on your radio with the ghetto report
In the cut with a dutch drinking 40's in quarts

[Puff Daddy]
Oh so now you shinin with checks and shit
Soon you going to be riding around in new Lexus'
But I suspected this once you seen a little dough now you wanta blow do your
own thing mothaf*cka

[Madd Rapper]
Yo its about to be crazy as a matter of fact
Just show a nigga the way and I"mma lock up rap
I'mma guarantee sales and them platinum plaques
Crazy Cat ,Bad Boy son and that be that

Chorus to end

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