Puff Daddy - Let's Get It (Remix) Lyrics

Puff Daddy Lyrics

Let's Get It (Remix) Lyrics
[Loon (P. Diddy)]
We just happy to be here (This is the remix!)
F*ckin' cock-suckers (Bad Boy baby!)

Aiyyo, get smacked silly; Kain am I aid and check wet willy
'Dep cracked the dutch 'cause covy broke the filly
News at ten; Bad Boy, hope ya know not them dudes again
Yeah we hold Vendettas, big ten letters, S6s with fourteen antennas
Or in the Porsche with the buckards back (oh my god!)
Bitches like, "Who the f*ck is that?"
Ciaffi, freaked off, drunk off Saki
Got 'em +Eyein' The Tiger+ like Rocky (This is Bad Boy's white boy)
When I step on the scene I'm expectin' my cream
Stand by and I'm reppin' for Queens
My destination is that a nation
If one versed-out, my mouth could detination
Yeah I said it and Diddy gone and did it
Put these rappers on in it, now let's get it

Make this money, take this money
Ain't no way you could take this from me
Ain't shit funny; shake it hunny
Takin' money; now let's get it

[P. Diddy overlapping chorus]
This is the remix! Bad boy baby!
We just happy to be back

[Mark Curry]
Could be the paperchaser; list the track up with 16 bars of crap
Bring it back from the block, sub on ?? workin' it wherever you at
Get the money and the nigga; no takin' nothin' from me
I'm hungry for it; I'm fadin' niggas 'cross the border
And if they want war, we can war
I'm chin-chose down to the flo'; 'roundin' the counter take 'em all
Ya lookin' for the hook-up, who ya call?
The M the A the R the K the C-U double R-Y
Shit crackin' all night; gotta hear it all types
I'm to the pavement, my nights and days with
While you stare in amazement; I'm hotter than Cajun
You're blazin'; throwin' up my tre's in, who want 'em?
Just like that, a 360 on 'em, get that
Twist yo' ball caps and rep how ya livin'
It's all about the cash; let's get it


[P. Diddy]
C'mon, Bad Boy's young guns
This is the remix! Loon!

Uhh, yeah, now check it out, yo, check it out
I'm 'bout a dolla', son, I see through it I gotta follow
If ya ain't borrow money I gotta holla
Simple and plain, the reason why I entered the game
I seen Sean do it, so I'm try'na get it the same
Pimpin' ain't changed, niggas still gettin' 'em thangs
Got the six with Shaquille feet rippin 'em lanes
Got a chick that's a real freak givin' me brains
The temperature changed, soon as nigga get off the plane
So ya know a nigga gettin' some change, stand over the game
While do y'all shake ya shoulders the same?
We get money; they ain't probably be playin'
So what we'll probably be sayin'
You niggas actin' like these crackers ain't payin'
So let's get it (you got it), so let did it again
In 2002, son, I'm diggin' the Benz
With the rims that stop but continue to spin
My shorty come with a crew son, I'm diggin' the French
So let's get it


[Mark Curry]
The saga continues... (3x)

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