Puff Daddy - Puff Daddy And Ma$E Freestyle Lyrics

Puff Daddy Lyrics

Puff Daddy And Ma$E Freestyle Lyrics
[Puff Daddy]
Yo, check this out
I go by the name of Puff Daddy
and I got my man Ma$e
He got somethin to say

Yo check this out this Ma$e the Roy Jones of this rap shit
I'm young I'm pretty I'm hittin hard
I'm in the best shape of my life
Niggaz don't wanna get in the ring with me
Word up, this Bad Boy, Harlem on the rise
You don't want a problem with us guys... mmmhmm

[Puff Daddy (starts during 2nd line above of Ma$e)]
Niggaz sayin Bad Boy this and Bad Boy that
All I hear is mad more hits and mad more tracks
(repeat 3X)
Niggaz sayin Bad Boy this and Bad Boy that
All we make is mad more hits and mad more tracks, c'mon!!

You know I can't see less than a E.S., with G.S.V.S. (yeah)
And I won't stop til we rest in Key West (uh-huh)
This be the Ma$e Bad Boy debut (that's right)
Y'all niggaz in the back, steady sayin I'm souped
Your hoes in the front, steady sayin I'm cute (that's right)
Beep me all day just to lay up in the Coupe (ha ha)
I hit fam tell KAM pick me in the Land
Go blow six grand go catch a quick tan
I'm a big trick, drink expensive liquids
I see riches straight from the district (whoo!)
So how you expect you can jerk your check (I don't know)
Then you come home thinkin you deserve the sex
Yo I merk when I jet in convertible Lex
And I move too swift, might hurt your neck (ahaha)
I jump out the Lex with the iceberg sweat
Platinum chain hang with a third of baguettes (c'mon)
This year P niggaz gon fear me, hear me
Wave my treble, put my shit on blazin levels
C'mon niggaz, give em what I got
Since you want butter now you got to take it while it's hot
I wasn't gonna talk but you made this a issue
Now I got to get you, send dog to sick you
Pull a pistol, make all my shots hit you
Rip your tissue, send you place where they miss you

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