Puff Daddy - Satisfy You (West Side Remix) Lyrics

Puff Daddy Lyrics

Satisfy You (West Side Remix) Lyrics
(feat. The Luniz, R. Kelly)

Yeah (Ooohhhh, baby)
This right here goes out to all my West Side queens
Bay Area (Ohhhhhh)
Los Angeles
San Diego (Yeahhhh)
San Jose
Matter of fact, the whole motherf*ckin' West Coast
(Wake up, wake up)
Feel me? C'mon

[1] - [R. Kelly]
He don't understand you like I do
No he'll never make love to you like I do
So give it to me
Cause I can show you 'bout a real love
And I can promise anything that I do
Is just to satisfy you

[During 1]
West Side remix
West Side remix
West Side remix
Ladies and gentlemen
Ha ha

I'm the light when you can't see
I'm that air when you can't breathe (That's right)
I'm that feeling when you can't leave
Some doubt, some believe (C'mon)
Some lie, cheat, and deceive
So it's only you and me (You and me)
When you weak, I'll make you strong (Strong)
Here's where you belong
I ain't perfect, but I promise I won't do you wrong
Keep you away from harm, my love is protected
I'll wrap you in my arms so you'll never feel neglected
I'll just make you aware of what we have is rare (That's right)
In the moment of despair, I'm the courage when you're scared
Loyal, down for you, soon as I saw you
Wanted to be there cause I could hold it down for you
Be around for you, plant seeds in the soil
Make love all night, bending bed coils (Feel me?)
You're a queen, therefore I treat you royal (My queen)
This is all for you, cause I simply adore you

[Repeat 1]
I think I need a lil' bit help on this one
Uh, yeah
Where the Luniz at?

Let me speak on it
When I came out, I had the best of both women
We ain't gotta do it, no lies
Brothas in Africa got four wives
Y'all both fine
Want me to choose just one?
On the under, maybe y'all two can do a lil' sumpin' sumpin'
Cuz I don't mind, as many times I had to
You did your thang, I did my thang, I ain't mad atchu
I patted you on your back for your good deeds
But the extraordinary mood swings I don't need
It's a thug life you want, it's a thug life you won't get
Cuz three whole hits of ecstasy, it make you won't get it
I didn't wanna settle down, but now I'm willing to
See, I'm Num to the world and now I'm feeling you
See, you my little angel without the halo
Don't sweat me when I'm out all night hanging with the payroll
Ain't no women like the one got
She don't subtract, she just add to the funds I got

[Repeat 1]

[R. Kelly (Puffy)]
Don't let him sing you a sad song
No, baby
Waiting for love like this too long (I just wanna love you)
You don't have to wait (I just want you to love me)
You don't have to wait on him, baby
All that you need I can give you (I'll be your king)
You don't have to wait
You don't have to wait on (And you my queen)
(Hey, yo, Yukmouth, talk to them, man)
I do (We gon' do this together, c'mon)
You don't have to wait on him (Together)

Whoo, whoo
Playgirl only humped once wit' the thug, now she hump with a thug
Who smoke blunts in the club, get pissy drunk at the tubs
Backrubs like we in love on our honeymoon, newlyweds
Whip cream, head, and rose petals on her cutchie, spread
I gotchu shoppin' at Barney's, driving a black Ferrari
That's why your girlfriends hate and talk smack about me
Don't act selfish because your girls jealous
They all look like Garbage Pail Kids
Who gon' get they nails, they rock, and colorful wigs, Cookie Monster?
They the type that drink 40s, smoke all your gonja
In an orgy after the concert
My girl, of course she's baller sponsor
Campaign and platinum rangin' and car to ear
Platinum frames and raps is flamin'
I'm like Puff, two platinum chains and You Can't Hold Me Down
Even Hurricane Floyd can't blow me down
And took my girl and little boy just to slow me down
Slow, slow me down

[Repeat 1 to fade]

This one out here goes out to all my sisters
And the struggle holdin' it down by theyselves
Waitin' for that karat
From a king to a queen
Feel me?
I love you

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