Ralph McTell - Bridge Of Sighs Lyrics

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Bridge Of Sighs Lyrics
You say, too much water
Has gone under the bridge by now.
I say that bridges
Are all that's left for us now.
Each side of the river, the city is burning
There is no turning back.
Oh, what else can I say? There's no loss of face
And nothing's betrayed, there's no disgrace
In meeting on the bridge.

You'll have to trust me, don't bring any,
Any of them so-called friends
And everyone's talking, they soon start shouting
And we all know how that one ends.
You say the daylight, I say the night-time
Let's meet in the twilight zone.
Don't be afraid you'll come to no harm
Nothing's betrayed, we'll both be unarmed
And both of us must come alone.

A Bridge of sighs for the compromise
Does anyone get what they really wish?
A handshake, a heartbreak, maybe a parting with a kiss.
Ah, don't be afraid, there is no disgrace
No one's betrayed, there's no loss of face
In meeting on the bridge.

Repeat chorus

The river runs red, the air is smoking
And the flames burn higher and higher.
The numbers of dead are like beads of sweat
And they can never put out this fire.
The ones who are left must not be swept away
On this river of death, so I'll meet you halfway
There is no disgrace, what more can I say?
There's no loss of face
We must meet on the bridge.

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