Ray Scott - Walls Lyrics

Ray Scott Lyrics

Walls Lyrics
She said good-bye and it's like she fell right off this earth
Six long nights, I ain't seen hide nor hair of her
And this old Laz-E-Boy, is feelin' like my only friend
There's sunshine shinin' on the world outside, but there ain't none shinin' in

Startin' now, somehow
I've gotta leave her in my past
Walk this floor right out that door
Before these walls start talkin' back

And I bet the neighbors think either I've skipped town or I've bought the farm
I got my shades pulled down and there's a week's worth of papers in my yard
Hey, what was that, did I just hear somebody call my name
Oh, Lord knows I'm just a few thoughts shy of bein' certified insane

Repeat Chorus Twice
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