Came From Nothin' Lyrics by Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid Lyrics

Came From Nothin' Lyrics
[Hook - Rich The Kid:]
Young nigga came from nothing, got it out the gutter
Had to go and get it, tired of bread and butter
Was raised in the streets, I barely seen my mother
Young nigga came from nothing, got it out the gutter
I been in and out of jail, you barely know my struggles
I been juuging round the city, flexing with no muscle
Young nigga came from nothing, all I know is hustle
Got to get that guala, nigga bout my f*cking hundo

[Verse 1 - Rich The Kid:]
Young rich nigga came from the very bottom
I ain't have no choice, all I knew was robbing
Bitch nigga I ain't finna starve
Had to rob, I ain't have no job
I'm sinning, I'm winning
I'm asking the lord for forgiveness
Juuging, finessing, I'm [?]
Dominate your roll like [?]
The struggle, the struggle is over
You a broke ass nigga, I'm a young rich nigga
Pull up in the drop top rolling
Feels good to be rich
Now I'm f*cking your bitch
And I'm switching up whips
QC the label, got money on the table
Plugged in the city like cable, gone


[Verse 2 - Young Thug:]
Ok, I'm shining bro, my wrist gon stop
Gon go, it's frozen
I hit DO and pour a four
Lil Joe and me, no Jodie but I ball like Kobe
15 racks for the slug, they go like Rollies, rollies
Kick a pack, rolling like Rollie Pollie
Oldies, brodee
Designer to the head
Tryna catch up with the plug like I'm a fed
Cooking up all of this work, leave a nigga amazed
I got patience with a pistol and you can sure get this lead


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