Famous Lyrics by Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid Lyrics

Famous Lyrics
[Hook: x2]
Shorty say that I would never make it
Now I'm shitting on her cause I'm famous
Pulling up in Porsches and I'm racing
Paper, I got paper, I got paper

Young nigga I made it
I'm finally famous
These bitches, they're driving me crazy
They turn on the t.v
They see me I'm getting the spinach
The broccoli, veggies my pockets is heavy
I was on the phone with Offset
Takeoff, told me we was finna takeoff, takeoff
Quavo told me put into the bando
Whole lotta money on the table, pesos
Now I pull up in the [?]
And I'm sippin' on syrup
Ya bitch is a bird, so I kick her to the curb
The bitch got sum nerve
Feels good to be rich
Tryna figure out why you mad?
F*cking all the bitches that been had...
I'm addicted to the money
F*ck rehab
Had to buy mama a Porsche
Hot like a torch
Lil nigga jumped off the porch
She said I wouldn't make it
But now that I'm famous
I'm thanking the lord
I wrecked in the Masi
I switched to the Rarri
He driving a Ford
A rich nigga walking around with a 50
Count up when I'm bored


Paper on top of paper, yea we made it
All my old hoes, wanna have my baby
We was hittin' licks
Had the f*cking block hot
Domingo hit my phone
Say he bouta touchdown know his [?] was out
I told em I make it rapping
They thought it was funny...
Then young nigga got rich
Start counting blue hunnids
Me and Rich flexing on a bitch
Then we go to [?]
Really don't know
I'm thinking bout, copping a masi
And I want it black and white like Sylvester
I'm a let you tell it
What would you do for the cheddar?
We moving together
I know that you just a beginner
50 choppers in a sprinter
My momma she told me go kill em'


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