Hot Nigga (Freestyle) Lyrics by Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid Lyrics

Hot Nigga (Freestyle) Lyrics
Juuging for a check, I been a hot nigga
Police looking for me like I shot niggas
Gimme the loot, jump on the top of the roof
Skippa Da Flippa gon shoot
Been on the block, walking around with the knive
Moving the bags out the spot
Quavo with the K, that's a hot nigga
Run up on us then you gon die nigga
Got 100k on me right now nigga!
Back then I was stealing them bicycles
Hot nigga, hot nigga, hurricane, hurricane, whip with the egg beater
All my young niggas trap, all my young niggas trap
Then go and buy two seaters
Your bitch sucked me and [?] and then passed out
Throw 100 racks and I cash out and I mash out of that trap house
I'll knock you out like Pacquiao
Blow your main bitch's back out
She sucking me, you kissing her, you must be on that Bobby Brown

Put your bitch up in the kitchen, get to trapping ho
We got molly, we got white just like a napkin ho
Free my nigga Mango or we tweaking ho
Migo gang 30 chain pull up flexing dough

I been getting money since the first day
Look at the hate, was [?] chef cooking the plate (rolex)
My diamonds [?], red bottoms my feet
Young nigga, I trap out a mansion, I'm sipping a whole lot of lean
I just went and bought a rolex bought a week ago
Had to hang up out the side and got to squeezing ho
Why you mad? Cause I'm rich and I ain't broke no more
I got niggas that'll shoot you like a video

[Hook x2]

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