Just Might Lyrics by Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid Lyrics

Just Might Lyrics
Hello? Trap
Hello? Trap
Woah, aye

I just might just cum on her face
I just might just go buy the Wraith
I just might go to Japan
Overseas for the bands
I was broke, got a Lamb
Pull up, bitches like damn
No credit card, that's a scam
Take the pot, I'm goin HAM
I f*cked that bitch in Givenchy
Walking around with a 50
I done got rich, money filthy
I'm in New York come in Diddy
Look at my Rollie, the ice
Pussy so good, f*ck her twice
Take the whole cake, f*ck a slice
She ride this dick like a bike

[Verse 1:]
I just might pour up a pint
I'm sipping the dirty with Sprite
That's your bitch f*ck her twice
Walking round with the ice
I just might fly to Japan
I just woke up with the bands
Serving the pussy out there
No I'm balling like the Cavs
Take the pot, Stephen Curry
Put your bitch in
Money trouble too scary
Me and money got married
Taking the pussy, I beat it
You loving the pussy, you eat it
Broke nigga you funny
Balling all this money
I make a note when I f*ck her
She suck the dick like a sucker
I run the bitch like a trucker
I hit the bitch like I snuck her
I got the money, no pressure
Walking around with the extras
I put that bitch on a stretcher
I'm a... no flexing


[Verse 2:]
Racks bust out the Balmain
F*cking that bitch I don't kiss her
I pass the ho out to Flipper
She got ass like a stripper
Geeked up, geeked up
Now I'm charging 50 racks for the feature
I'm balling hard in the bleachers
I'm walking with salad like caesar
I had to run for the money
None of my niggas stay hungry
All of my niggas 100
I had the check that they wanted
I had to work for the spot
Now she drop it like it's hot
You a cuffer like a cop
Put a lock on a box
I hit a ho with a switch-a-roo
I f*ck her aunt in my Jimmy Choos
I'm in the streets and a movie too
Shawty a foreign, she love the crew
I nut on her face
I... my waist
I got out of jail, beat the case
I'm walking around with the K


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