Livin Like Diddy Lyrics by Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid Lyrics

Livin Like Diddy Lyrics
I got rich nigga problem

[Hook x2:]
Wake up in the morning get paper
Money real long, got acres
F*ck it, we don't need no neighbors
Richer than a motherf*ckin' mayor (I'M RICH!)
I'm livin' my life just like Diddy, I'm livin' like Diddy!
I'm livin' my life just like Diddy, I'm livin' like Diddy!

Livin' like Diddy, the king of my city
I ride in a masi I switch to the Bentley
I ride in a Audi I switch to the 'Rarri
Call me Bugatti
Sippin' on lakers
You know but I hate her
My bitch from Jamaica
I'm countin' the twenty's the fifty's the hundreds
I'm stackin' the paper
Walk in my room with 3 bitches they naked
She poppin a Molly she's already faded
Katrina call FEMA my neck is flooded
Spacin' and patchin' these bitches are dirty
Cappin' and trappin' I wrap it in plastic
Reachin' it over, got racks in the attic
Livin' like Diddy, pull up in a Bentley
My bitch got siddity


[Jose Guapo:]
2 bitches want me, my diamonds they dancin' like Diddy
Is love to shit I'll tell a f*ck nigga I'm a kingpin in my city
Versace, Versace, young nigga feelin' like Biggie
Sugar [?] so far, got a foreign 'Rari, got a lot in the engine
That bitch is bad like Cassie
This money is dirty, it's nasty
My fashion come way from Paris
She f*cked it, she sucked it in the Aston
I'm smokin, I'm leanin' and I'm laughin at [?]
I think I'm P.Diddy, get out of my presence
Your bitches gon' f*ck cause they know that they want me
I'm a Bad Boy, nigga know I keep the Willie on me


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