Quit Playin Lyrics by Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid Lyrics

Quit Playin Lyrics
Hold up man, let me check these chains man, hold up
I got too many f*cking chains on man
Hold up man, let me check my ice
Hold up, let me check your bitch man
Hold up, let me check my watch man
You already know how we doing man, checking these niggas
Hold on

Bitch quit playing, rich nigga I'm flexing
Bitch quit playing, I got them diamonds all in my necklace
Bitch quit playing, I got 100 on me right now ho
Bitch quit playing, I'm tryna f*ck, you down to go?
My trap jumping, my spot bumping, my phone ringing
My Rolex bezel got a lot of ice, it's froze, ain't it?
Bitch quit playing, bitch quit playing
Bitch quit playing, you know that I'm the man ho

[Verse 1:]
Bitch quit playing, I am the man
Whole lot of lean on the kickstand
I came from the bottom but now that I'm winning I'm swerving on [?]
Quit playing, chopper on me right now
And my Rolex white like the White House
Imma f*ck your bitch in the back of your Benz
And you can have your girlfriend
5 rings on, play with my niggas then you gon get rained on
Riding the Audi, I switched to the 'rari
F*cking your bitch with my chains on
Dabbing in Loubotins
Loving that ho but she f*cking the crew again
That nigga out trapping and dabbing
Bought me a Bentley, I'm dropping the roof again


[Verse 2:]
Little bitty bitch quit playing
5 rings, that's 100 bands
Thank god I'm a rich nigga
Bitch I'll never go broke again
They ain't want to see me at the top
Look at my watch, icy, got too many rocks
I got the work on the block
Pull up to the truck with the dope in my sock
Bitch quit playing, give me the brain
You know it's QC the chain
Migo the gang, it's all in my veins, Versace my frames
I got a bank roll, bank roll, show her how I do it
Quit playing, you knew it
Foreigns they all in garage, diamonds they hitting like Floyd


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