Rich Than Famous Intro Lyrics by Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid Lyrics

Rich Than Famous Intro Lyrics
Mama said go get it
Got a baby on the way but a lot come with it
Hit a lick doing shows
Got to get it how you live, [?] on the road
Told your bitch I'm rich
Hit a hundred band juug, I ain't worried bout shit
All I see them bricks, back in the bando work the hurricane wrist
Now I'm on the way to the check, counting up racks on the jet
Everybody know I finesse, man look at the watch on my wrist
Just want to be famous, woke up this morning, thank God I made it
Which [?] got paid, I'd rather be rich than famous

Gold chain, gold ring, rich than famous
8, 9 rings, we made it
Y'all ready know what's going on
Rich the Kid
Rich than famous

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