Trap Still Jumpin Lyrics by Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid Lyrics

Trap Still Jumpin Lyrics
[Hook x2:]
Riding with the bricks in the U-HAUL
You a funny ass nigga Lil Duval
Pull up with a choppa
No Steven Seagal
Trap still jumpin no basketball

[Verse 1:]
Got a trap still jumpin I'm working
These people keep calling me
Momma said that I will be a ball player
I'm rich she proud of me
I ain't even wanna be a dope boy
Cook it up whip it up coke boy
Shoutout my nigga Durk
Walk out the house clean leave a stain on his shirt
Was a kid just tryna get rich
In a kitchen water whipping cook a brick
You ain't talking about money bye bitch
Got a cup full of Act and sippin on [?]
50k on my Rollie
Your diamonds too cloudy fugazy
They mad cause I made it
Walking around with 30 gold chains like the 80s

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Broke ass bitch stay away
I be getting blue money all day
Everybody wanna see the top spot
I'm a rich nigga riding in the drop top
QC the hottest in the country
You a f*ck nigga hating on money
Got hoes pulling up out the country
DC in this bitch 400
Doing what I'm doing I'm dabbing
My plug from Persia like Aladdin
It's a job on the work I'm grabbing
I'm a flip that work I'm taxing
Got a blonde head bitch like Paris
Me and the money got married
Bugs bunny on my chain got carrots
Got so much money it's scary

[Hook x2]

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