Work For It Lyrics by Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid Lyrics

Work For It Lyrics
I can't f*ck with you, I'm sorry
Baby, I don't want to argue
I just want to hit it from the back
Rich nigga all about a check
Bitch want the money, better work for it
Got big faced hundreds, you can twerk for it

[Hook x2:]
Work for it, work for it
Bitch want the money, she can work for it
Rich nigga with a check, got bands on deck
You ain't getting this money, better work for it

[Verse 1:]
Baby working with the money, she can work for it
Bitch too foreign, no passport
Young nigga got bricks like a backboard
Back of the Maybach, got an escort
Drop it, drop it down low for a rich nigga
Every time I come around she want to take pictures
See that bitch in the club, she a go getter
Pulling up in a Benz with a ho with her
Work for it, got a bitch on the boulevard
Getting wet like a surfboard
Came up from the bottom, got big face hundreds
Bout to steal more, give the ho none
Having, dabbing, capping and trapping
Wrapping the work in a pack
She sucking me off like a vacuum
F*cking your bitch with no Magnum


[Verse 2:]
Stripping in clubs, she twerking, working
Tryna pay the bills, that's urgent
I got all blue hundreds, bitch work for it
She'll turn into a freak behind locked doors
Run with the bricks in the Birkin, nervous
Nigga I'm sipping and serving
22 bricks in my robins, MCM bag gotta call me
You a damn fool, tryna cuff a free ho
Imma take that bitch, no repo
In the track and I'm moving them elbows
Stuck in the trap, no Velcro
You gon stay broke, cooking [?]
Got a Puerto Rican bitch, no visa
And I'm sipping on pink, no Easter
I got way more keys than Alicia


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