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You Shouldn't Have Lyrics
You Shouldn't Have

Well, you did what you did and you know that you did it and there ain't no use to deny it
I got you dead to rights, baby, now you've gone and made me mad
Been cattin' on the sly now you bat your pretty eyes with a tale no monkey'd ever buy it
Is that a line you're handin' me, girl?

Well, you shouldn't have
You shouldn't have
You shouldn't have let half the hometown at you
Shouldn't've told a lie and you shouldn't've let me catch you
You shouldn't have cheated when you could have been treating me right.

Now, there's scratches on your back, smoke on your breath, your baby blues could use a bloodlettin'
You partied all night, pickin' up everything but the tab
But I'm givin' you the bill for a thousand tears spilled that I'm gonna be a long time forgettin'
Thanks a lot for wreckin' my heart

If you had to go places where you shouldn't have been
You shouldn't have bothered comin' home again
I don't need what you gimme in the cold light of dawn
Only what you give away all night long

Well, you did what you done and it musta been fun cause the knees are ripped out from your stockings
Next time you crawl through the gutter, better cover your track
But when you're done raisin' hell and ringin' all the boys' bells, don't you come round here a-knockin'
'Cause everything you've done to me, girl...

Well, you shouldn't have

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