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From the Album Raise The Roof [w/Alison Krauss] (2021) (buy at
Raise The Roof

From the Album Carry Fire (2017) (buy at
Carry Fire
The May Queen
New World...
Season's Song
Dance With You Tonight
Carving Up the World Again...a wall and not a fence
A Way With Words
Carry Fire
Bones of Saints
Keep It Hid
Bluebirds Over the Mountain
Heaven Sent

From the Album Lullaby And... The Ceaseless Roar (2014) (buy at
Lullaby And... The Ceaseless Roar

From the Album Band Of Joy (2010) (buy at
Band Of Joy
Angel Dance
House Of Cards
Central Two-O-Nine
Silver Rider
You Can't Buy My Love
I'm Falling In Love Again
The Only Sound That Matters
Cindy, I'll Marry You One Day
Harm's Swift Way
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
Even This Shall Pass Away

From the Album Raising Sand With Alison Krauss (2007) (buy at
2009 Grammy Award for Album of the Year
Rich Woman
Killing The Blues
Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us
Polly Come Home
Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)
Through The Morning, Through The Night
Please Read The Letter
Trampled Rose
Fortune Teller
Stick With Me Baby
Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson
Your Long Journey

From the Album Mighty Rearranger (2005) (buy at
Mighty Rearranger
All The King's Horses
Another Tribe
Dancing In Heaven
Freedom Fries
Let The Four Winds Blow
The Mighty Rearranger
Shine It All Around
Somebody Knocking
The Enchanter
Tin Pan Valley

From the Album Dreamland (2002) (buy at
Funny In My Mind (I Believe I'm Fixin' To Die)
Morning Dew
One More Cup Of Coffee
Last Time I Saw Her
Song To The Siren
Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky)
Darkness, Darkness
Red Dress
Hey Joe
Skip's Song
Dirt In A Hole

From the Album Fate Of Nations (1993) (buy at
Fate Of Nations
Calling To You
Down To The Sea
Come Into My Life
I Believe
29 Palms
Memory Song (Hello, Hello)
If I Were A Carpenter
Colours Of A Shade
Promised Land
The Greatest Gift
Great Spirit
Network News

From the Album Manic Nirvana (1990) (buy at
Manic Nirvana
Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You)
Big Love
S S S & Q
I Cried
She Said
Tie Dye On The Highway
Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night
Liars Dance
Watching You

From the Album Now And Zen (1988) (buy at
Now And Zen
Heaven Knows
Dance On My Own
Tall Cool One
The Way I Feel
Helen Of Troy
Billy's Revenge
Ship Of Fools
White, Clean And Neat
Walking Towards Paradise

From the Album Shaken And Stirred (1985) (buy at
Shaken And Stirred
Hip To Hoo
Kallalou Kallalou
Too Loud
Trouble Your Money
Pink And Black
Little By Little
Doo Doo A Do Do
Easily Lead
Sixes And Sevens

From the Album The Principle Of Moments (1983) (buy at
The Principle Of Moments
Other Arms
In The Mood
Messin' With The Mekon
Wreckless Love
Thru With The Two Step
Horizontal Departure
Stranger Here... Than Over There
Big Log

From the Album Pictures At Eleven (1982) (buy at
Pictures At Eleven
Burning Down One Side
Moonlight In Samosa
Pledge Pin
Slow Dancer
Worse Than Detroit
Fat Lip
Like I've Never Been Gone
Mystery Title

Robert Plant Info:

Robert Anthony Plant, CBE is an English musician, singer and songwriter. Best known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of Led Zeppelin he has also had a successful solo career spanning more than 40 years.

Plant is regarded as one of the greatest singers in the history of rock and roll, and has influenced contemporaries and later singers such as Freddie Mercury, Axl Rose and Chris Cornell. In 2011, readers of Rolling Stone placed Plant in first place of the magazine's list of the best lead singers of all time. -Wikipedia

Birth name:
Robert Anthony Plant

August 20th, 1948 (age )

Born In:
West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England

Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England

Rock, hard rock, heavy metal, blues rock, folk rock, country rock

Musician, singer-songwriter

Vocals, harmonica, percussion, guitar, bass guitar, drums

Years active:

Associated acts:
Band of Joy
Led Zeppelin
The Honeydrippers
Page and Plant
Alison Krauss
Patty Griffin

Robert Plant Quotes:
How can you consider flower power outdated? The essence of my lyrics is the desire for peace and harmony. That's all anyone has ever wanted. How could it become outdated?

I am a reflection of what I sing. Sometimes I have to get serious because the things I've been through are serious.
I realized what Led Zeppelin was about around the end of our first U.S. tour. We started off not even on the bill in Denver, and by the time we got to New York we were second to Iron Butterfly, and they didn't want to go on!

I think that passion and love and pain are all bearable, and they go to make love beautiful.

I'm not a flowerchild or anything like that... whatever it was.

It's sort of a feeling of power onstage. It's really the ability to make people smile, or just to turn them one way or another for that duration of time, and for it to have some effect later on. I don't really think it's power... it's the goodness.

My vocal style I haven't tried to copy from anyone. It just developed until it became the girlish whine it is today.

People say that I'm a millionaire, but that's not true - I only spend millions.

You can't give up something you really believe in for financial reasons. If you die by the roadside - so be it. But at least you know you've tried. Ten minutes in the music scene was the equal of one hundred years outside of it.

You feel quite distant by playing at huge stadiums year after year, where you only can see a great darkness in front of you.

Robert Plant Awards
Grammy Award for Album of the Year: Raising Sand - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss 
Grammy Award for Contemporary Folk/Americana Album: Raising Sand - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss (Rounder) 
Grammy Award for Country Collaboration with Vocals: Killing the Blues - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, 
Grammy Award for Pop Collaboration With Vocals: Rich Woman - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss 
Grammy Award for Record of the Year: Please Read The Letter - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss 

Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for "Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)" 

Grammy Award for Hard Rock: “Most High,” Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

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