Roberts Taylor - If You Were Mine Lyrics

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If You Were Mine Lyrics
I see you out in places
Almost every night, my love
Empty smiles and lonely faces...
Leaning towards the glow of your light...
Can't get enough
Now me, I always wonder
What's goin' on inside
What's with that cover that you keep your heart under?
Are you just draggin' it along for the ride?
Cause if you were mine baby, baby
I would give you the world
There'd be no reason for you to keep hidin'
You know I'll cherish your heart and soul
Oh, if you were mine, yeah
If you were mine
I offer you the treasure
Now baby won't you turn the key
Can you deal with the pleasure
Of the love that's burnin' in me? It's burnin' me
Well every night is heaven
When there's real love in your touch
Darlin' I promise I can give you forever
What would you do if I, if I loved you that much?
I'd love you and cherish you
Forever and a day
And I'd give you everything that I am
Baby, if you would just stay
Oh baby, if you would just stay
I'll cherish your heart and soul
If you were mine

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