Robin Thicke - Magic (Remix) Lyrics

Robin Thicke Lyrics

Magic (Remix) Lyrics
[Mary J. Blige:]
I can the pain dissapear
And I can erase the past
I can make the future shine so bright
And I can make right now alright

I got it, you got it
We got that magic girl [x4]

[Robin Thicke:]
All I got is concrete all around me
But I can see the country side
You can be rich when you're poor
Poor when you're rich
It can be raining and I can make the sun shine


[Robin Thicke:]
I know sometimes sometimes you feel no hope
But I've been there upon that lonely road
I took whatever gift he offered me
Because I knew that he would set me free


[Robin Thicke:]
Science they can't prove it
But I know can do it

[Mary J. Blige:]
I can fly
I can bend metal with my mind

I can wake up in paridise

[Robin Thicke:]
We got that magic [x6]

[Chorus: fade]

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