Ronda Businda - Fairy Tale Lyrics

Ronda Businda Lyrics

Fairy Tale Lyrics
V1: the moment our eyes met across the room

i fell for you

when you took my hand and you asked me to dance

that’’s when i knew

br: the music was playing as you pulled me near

what my heart was saying was perfectly clear

ch: just like in a fairy tale

we could fall in love

i would be your princess

you the king’s son

like romeo and juliet

a love that never fails

let’s take this magic moment

and live our fairy tale

v2: warriors and lovers, magicians and thieves

could try to steal our dream

i would pay a king’s ransom just to call you my own

you’’re all i want for me

br: dreams that we wish for don’t always come true

but that doesn’t keep me from dreaming of you

repeat chorus

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