Ronnie Milsap - A Day In The Life of America Lyrics

Ronnie Milsap Lyrics

A Day In The Life of America Lyrics
We wake up each morning and start every day
With coffee, espresso and grande lattes
Race into traffic and bitch while we wait
Mad at the world for making us late
We punch in, then lunch in, then punch out again
Rush home to clean up the messes we left
Microwave dinner then put it to bed
Tomorrow we'll do it all over again

chorus :
That just a day, a day in the life of America
That's just the way we live our lives in America
Each night is the same as the evening before
Check all your e-mails and lock all the doors

Half-hour break on a workout machine
While surfing a 200 channel TV
Then comes the weekend, the time we like best
One day for catch up, the other for rest
But how can we rest when we're so far behind
An hour for God is all we can find

repeat chorus

Some people praise it and some people hate it
This beautiful chaos we made

repeat chorus x3

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